Apivita All Eyes On Me Gift Set

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99% Natural Ingredients

The Gift Set containes:

- Eye Make-Up Remover - Gentle Cleansing Milk

- 5 Action Eye Serum - Intensive Care Eye Serum


Eye Make-Up Remover - Gentle Cleasing Milk:

Gently cleanses - Removes make-up – Soothes - Offers extra anti-pollution action 

Gentle, soothing cleansing milk for removing eye makeup with linden and honey, removes even waterproof make up and hydrates the area around the eyes.

  • Gently cleanses and removes even waterproof makeup with almond oil and olive oil
  • Soothes and softens the area around the eyes with linden, euprasia and bisabolol
  • Hydrates with Greek thyme honey and panthenol
  • Offers extra anti-pollution action with rosehip infusion

The water in this formula has been replaced by an antioxidant wild rose infusion.



Usage / Tips:

Apply a small quantity of the product on a cotton pad, press gently and hold the cotton pad on the eyelids for a few seconds, so that the make-up can be dissolved and easily removed. Gently wipe the eyelids, moving from the inner to the outer corner and continue with the eyelashes moving from the top to the bottom (root-edge).

Continue with the cleansing of the bottom eyelid in one movement, from the outer corner to the inner corner and again towards the outer corner.

For external use only.

5 Action Eye Serum - Intensive Care Eye Serum:

Firmness – Reduction of Wrinkles – Hydration – Dark Circles – Signs of Fatigue

A white lily serum, specially designed to provide intensive care to the sensitive area around the eyes.

  • White lily reduces dark circles and the signs of fatigue under the eyes, while also reducing the sagging of the upper eyelid.
  • The copper complex reduces fine lines & wrinkles and improves the elasticity and firmness of the skin.
  • The patented propolis extract offers its antioxidant properties by protecting from oxidative stress and environmental attacks.
  • The patented infusion of a combination of 3 sideritis species triggers the youth proteins and offers its antioxidant, photo-protective and moisturizing effects.
  • Aloe, honey, panthenol and hyaluronic oligosaccharides moisturize the area around the eyes.

APIVITA has replaced water in the 5-ACTION EYE SERUM with an infusion of a combination of 3 sideritis species in order to utilize its strong antioxidant, photo-protective and moisturizing properties.

Ophthalmologically tested - Fragrance free - Alcohol free

Usage / Tips:

Apply a small quantity of the serum morning and night tapping lightly around the area of the eyes (crow's eye) and the moving eyelid.

It can be used before the eye cream or alone.