Apivita Gentle Shaving Cream 100ml

Apivita Gentle Shaving Cream 100ml

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99% Natural Origin

Easy Shaving – Protection from Irritations – Softness and Revitalization

Gentle cream for a deep, smooth shave. Does not irritate, relieves instantaneously from razor burn and has an uplifting effect.

  • The combination of organic ingredients - such as hypericum, sambucus, calendula extract, olive oil and beeswax - softens the beard, offering instant relief and providing a deep, smooth shave without irritations.
  • Propolis has an antiseptic action and regulates oiliness.
  • Organic cardamom, clary sage, lemon and cedar essential oils boost the mood by driving stress away and enhancing concentration.
  • Organic cardamom infused water has antioxidant and antiseptic properties.
  • Non-oily formula and non-irritating neutral pH 7.



Usage / Tips:

Apply a thin even layer of shaving cream on damp facial skin. To make shaving easier, massage for 1-2 minutes while applying the cream so that the softening ingredients can more effectively soften the beard. After shaving, rinse well with lukewarm water.

For external use only.