Apivita Moisturizing Shampoo 250ml

Apivita Moisturizing Shampoo 250ml

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86% Natural Origin

Moisturizing - Gentle Cleansing


All hair types need moisturizing, just like our skin! 

  • This range hydrates intensively by restoring humidity levels inside the hair, with hyaluronic acid, aloe and oat vitamins.
  • Prevents split ends, protects from external effects (pollution and styling) with APISHIELD HS.
  • Leaves hair light and smooth.
  • Contains mild surfactants, saponaria and APISHIELD HS which respect the physiology and normal flora of the scalp.


Usage / Tips:

Apply a small amount on scalp. Rinse thoroughly.

Avoid eye contact. For external use only.


APIVITA advice

One of the most up to date achievements of the APIVITA Research and Development Department is the creation of a new moisturizing line. In this new line the hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid used, penetrates the hair fiber, providing a hydration in-depth, while the common hyaluronic acid acts only on the hair surface. Moreover, aloe, which is considered to be the "plant of immortality", has a high concentration of polysaccharides that keep hair moisturized and are a source of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino acids. Aloe has excellent moisturizing and conditioning properties. It offers hair elasticity and protects the scalp.

Proper moisturization ensures the health of both scalp and hair. Proper nutrition combined with the APIVITA moisturizing cream and mask can contribute to the good health of the hair.