Collistar Moisturizing Tanning Spray 200ml

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The innovative pro-Vitamin D filter system that reinvents sun care.
The new UV filter formula activates the health-giving vitamin, blocking out damaging rays only and increasing the sun’s benefits for wellbeing and beauty.

  • practical and quickly absorbed, suitable for reaching the most awkward areas
  • ideal for men and sports players, it can also be sprayed on the head
  • clear and ultra-fresh, it leaves the skin soft and hydrated



The pratical, fast and safe way to acquire a magnificent and perfect tan. This highly advanced suntan product is the result of an expert combination of a special tanning formula with a handy 360° nozzle allowing rapid and perfect application to the whole body, including the areas more difficult to reach. Transparent and ultra-fresh, it penetrates instantly, dries immediately and, unlike many sprays, leaves the skin incredibly soft, supple and moisturized, thanks to the addition of jojoba and tamanu oils. Rich in fatty acids and vitamins, the oil extracted from tamanu nuts also protects against ozone damage and boosts the anti-free radical and anti-age action of the vitamin E contained in the product. An ultra-tested blend of photostable sun filters provides complete and constant protection against UVA and UVB rays, while oleoyl tyrosine stimulates the formation of melanin, thereby accelerating and intensifying the tan. Water and sweat resistant, it is non-sticky and does not adhere to sand or hair, making it especially suitable for men. Ideal for sailing and open-air sports, it may be used on the face (taking care not to spray it in the eyes), body, hair and scalp. The SPF 30 version is also recommended for children.