Collistar Tanning Moisturising Milk Spray 200ml

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The innovative pro-Vitamin D filter system that reinvents sun care.
The new UV filter formula activates the health-giving vitamin, blocking out damaging rays only and increasing the sun’s benefits for wellbeing and beauty.

  • light, quickly absorbed texture
  • easy to apply thanks to the spray
  • protects skin from sunlight, enabling you to tan safely.



This innovative milk spray combines easy application with an absolutely avant- garde formula that guarantees an ultra-rapid tan while thoroughly treating the skin. Contains the exclusive Unipertan, a special complex that accelerates and intensifies the skin pigmentation process. Rich in vitamin E and betaglucan with their energizing and anti-age properties, as well as a selection of valuable moisturizing and nourishing substances, it keeps the skin fresh, soft and smooth even after long exposure to the sun. Cooling, ultra- absorbent and water-resistant, this is the ideal sun product for those who practice sports.