Apivita Kids Protection Face & Body Spray SPF 50 + Kids Water Bottle FREE

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76% Natural Origin

High protection from UVA & UVB radiation-Protection from irritations-Moisturization

Sun protection with mother nature's purest ingredients.
Hypoallergenic, high-protection sunscreen spray specially designed for the sensitive skin of toddlers as well as older children.

  • The specially created photostable combination of organic and inorganic filters provide stable protection throughout the product's shelf life to effectively protect against UVB and UVA radiation.
  • Greek organic olive oil, rich in fatty acids and vitamins helps to reinforce the immature hydrolipidic film of children, preventing dehydration.
  • The Greek calendula extract and the bisabolol sooth the sensitive skin of babies and children, preventing any irritations
  • The organic aloe, source of vitamins, minerals, micronutrients and aminoacids, and the panthenol improve the skin's moisturizing abilities and have an anti-inflammatory effect
  • The patented propolis extract, the patented infusion of 3 sideritis species and Vitamin E offer enhance the product's antioxidant protection.
  • With a fruity peach scent (free of allergens)
  • In a practical 150 ml SPRAY container, with a fluid texture for easy application and immediate absorption.


Usage / Tips:

  • Use the product before each exposure1 to the sun. Apply a sufficient quantity (2mg/cm2, approx. 3 teaspoons for the face and the body) and re-apply frequently, especially after sweating, swimming or drying the skin with a towel.
  • By reducing the recommended quantity, you significantly reduce the protection provided by the product.
  • Do not spray directly onto the face.

1For accidental exposure to the sun - Babies and toddlers should never be exposed to direct sunlight. Wearing a hat, a shirt and sunglasses offers extra protection.