Darphin Essential Oil Elixir - Aromatic Renewing Balm 15ml

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A blend of Essential Oils from citrus and flowers act in synergy in this 100% natural aromatic care with a fruity scent and a rare texture. Targeted for dull and tired skin prone to dryness, its revitalizing formula acts on three levels: softens, nourishes and brightens. Comforted skin regains its natural radiance.

Transformative Results:

  • Improve skin's radiance
  • Nourish
  • Comforts

Ideal For:

  • Dehydration, Dullness
  • Loss of Radiance
  • Dryness
Usage Tips:
  • Ointment-like to comfort on contact
  • Overnight rescue mask to relieve distressed skin
  • Skin revitalizer to create an instant, healthy-looking glow