Eat Natural Buckwheat Toasted Muesli 500g

Eat Natural Buckwheat Toasted Muesli 500g

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Our light but filling buckwheat muesli ticks every box: toasted buckwheat; succulent and sweet vine fruits; a crunchy three-seed mix; and crisp puffs of toasted rice. A drizzle of honey and a hint of warming cinnamon add sweetness. The muesli gets a quick toasting in our Makery ovens to bring out the buttery flavours. Gluten doesn’t get a look in. Crisp and sweet.


Sultanas 24%, sunflower seeds 24%, buckwheat 21% shredded coconut 8%, honey, crisped rice 4% (rice), linseeds 4%, raisins 4%, chicory root fibre, rapeseed oil, pumpkin seeds 1%, cinnamon 0.2%.

May contain nuts, peanuts, soya, sesame seeds and cow’s milk.