Korres Face Masks 18ml

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NATURAL CLAY MASK Mask with white clay - natural clay that effectively removes dirts, sebum and dead cells, deep cleansing the skin and ending up with a fresh face
GREEN CLAY MASK Intensive cleansing mask that removes oiliness leaving a matte effect
DAMASK ROSE NIGHT MASK Intensive recovery and radiant vitality. The velvety mask conjures up a fresh, revitalised and evenly radiant complexion overnight. Damascus rose extract reduces cell aging and supports the regeneration of the supporting tissue, reduces wrinkles and lines and leaves the complexion feeling relaxed and smooth. Ideal for demanding skin. Apply a thin layer to cleansed skin, avoiding the eye area. Leave on overnight and remove thoroughly in the morning. 2-3 applications per week.
MACADAMIA MASK Face mask with mousse texture for enhanced hydration and rejuvenation.
GOJI BERRY MASK Rich face mask that offers immediate firmness and elasticity to the skin
BABASSU MASK Rich face mask for deep hydration & nourishment of the skin
WATERMELON MASK "Juicy" rejuvenating mask for instant hydration and a feeling of coolness
GRAPEFRUIT MASK Enriched with a cocktail of grapefruit, orange and apple juice, the vitamin C-rich mask gives the skin more luminosity after the first application. Rosehip oil and Waltheria Indica extract have a clarifying and lightening effect. A complex of argan oil and shea butter nourishes, protects and nourishes the skin, while the tangy fresh scent of juicy grapefruit revives the senses.
BILBERRY MASK Intensive peeling mask AHA for intense exfoliation and radiance.
CUCUMBER EYE MASK Eye mask in gel form, which takes care of the healthy appearance of the sensitive eye area through hydration and detoxification 
KIWI SCRUB Gentle, refreshing gel-scrub that cleanses and removes dead cells, without irritation and without drying the skin, leaving it soft
GRAPE SCRUB Scrub with a creamy texture that cleans clogged pores in depth
OLIVE STONE SCRUB Scrub with creamy texture, rich in olive grains for effective exfoliation and cleansing