Lanes PropolCare Spray for Nose

Lanes PropolCare Spray for Nose

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Nose spray with propolis, currant, caraway, eucalyptus and rosehip.

Medical device with naturally active ingredients.

Lanes Propolcare, Nose Spray contains high concentration titrated propolis extract produced by the MAEF method, a certified extraction technique for the production of denatured, pure propolis with increased potency. In an isotonic solution to cleanse and hydrate the nasal mucosa. With additional ingredients that contribute to congestion and respiratory protection, such as natural rose and blackcurrant extracts and eucalyptus and cumin essential oils. Ideal for frequent or daily use without side effects.


Lanes Propolcare, a nasal spray is recommended for nasal congestion and cleansing, for hydration and protection of the nasal mucosa (in case of dryness due to external factors such as tobacco, dry air or pollen) and as a natural remedy for the treatment of rhinitis and mild otitis.


Spray 15ml.

Suggested Dosage:

Spray 1 or 2 times on each nostril, 3 times daily for 3 days or whenever needed. After opening the package the product can be used within 3 months. Do not use after the expiry date. Close the vial well after use after cleaning the container. Do not use the product if the vial is damaged.

Pregnant / Breastfeeding: Consult your doctor.

Children: Use of the product in children should be supervised by adults.

Special Precautions: In case of side effects, stop treatment and consult a doctor. Do not use the product in case of allergy or sensitivity to one of the ingredients of the product. If you have prolonged symptoms, consult a doctor. Medical Product