Lanes - Vitamin C 1000mg (tablets)

Lanes - Vitamin C 1000mg (tablets)

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Lanes Vitamin C 1000mg with bioflavonoids is a gradual release product designed for prolonged action. It is an ideal supplement for boosting the immune system, boosting defense and protecting the body against common cold. The combination of Vitamin C with Bioflavonoids contributes to better absorption & effectiveness. Vitamin C enhances the body's defense & function and gives vitality and energy. Thanks to its valuable antioxidant action to neutralize free radicals, it protects cells from oxidative stress, which is also linked to its anti-aging ability.

Bioflavonoids accompany vitamin C and, in addition to their antioxidant activity, are known for their ability to strengthen capillaries and improve circulation. They are also useful in cases of bruises, varicose veins, bleeding gums and nose bleeds.


People in need of higher doses of Vitamin C, such as those who want to avoid or deal with a cold, prone to frequent colds during the winter. People exposed daily to extreme respiratory and skin conditions, such as smoking areas, high or low temperatures, polluting, urban environments.


30 swallowed tablets in glass bottle.

Suggested Dosage:

1 tablet a day.

It is recommended to take the preparation in the morning after breakfast.

Pregnant / Breastfeeding: Not recommended. Consult your doctor.

Children: Consult your doctor.

Diabetic: Does not contain sugar.

Vegetarians: Suitable for vegetarians.