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Linea Bimbi

Linea Bimbi Perfumed Rice Starch 75ml

Linea Bimbi Perfumed Rice Starch 75ml

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Absorbing and Velvety smooth for a pleasant refreshing effect

Starch is the main component of Rice seed and when it is ground very finely, has a pleasant, refreshing, softening effect on the skin.

Especially soft and soothing, this product avoids maceration of the inguinal folds in newborns, keeping these critical areas dry and preventing redness and irritation.

Special ingredients such as Aloe vera juice, Olive and Bushnut oils make this product especially moisturizing for silky smooth skin.

The delicate perfume of “ACQUA LUIGIA” provides a pleasant sensation of freshness and cleanliness.

How to use?

It’s ideal to use Rice Starch in your newborn’s bathwater right from the first days after birth to avoid weakening the delicate, hydrolipic film of the baby’s skin with frequent washing.

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