Linea Bimbi Silky liquid Talk 100ml

Linea Bimbi Silky liquid Talk 100ml

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Fresh and Silky, for the pleasure of a massage

This LIQUID TALC helps maintain the delicate natural balance of the baby’s skin thanks to the softness and nourishing properties of its content including sweet Almond and Olive oils, rich in moisturizing and restructuring agents, and Marigold and Camomile flowers extracts which have a calming and decongestant effect.

The LIQUID TALC has also been conceived to be used for massaging the baby, a moment of great intimacy between mother and child, a moment of joy and cuddles. The talc glides easily over the baby’s body to soften the skin leaving a sense of silky freshness and its gentle fragrance. 

How to use?

After a bath, warm a fair quantity of Liquid Talc on the palm of the hands and apply gently all over the body with slow circular movements.
The pleasantness of the product together with the massage will give the baby a great feeling of wellbeing leaving the skin delicately smooth.