Linea Bimbi Softening Cream 100ml

Linea Bimbi Softening Cream 100ml

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Moisturinzing and refreshing, fresh and velvety, for face and body

This soft lotion combines the highly nourishing ability of sweet Almond and Grape seed oils, Karitè butter and Beeswax, rich in essential fatty acids, the regenerating action of Vitamin E, and the delicate soothing and emollient properties of Aloe vera juice and Camomile flowers extract, to provide it with moisture and softness.

This special formula makes this the ideal product for children.

How to use?

Ideal for use every time your child is exposed to atmospheric agents (sun, wind, cold temperature). This cream can be lightly massaged on the child’s whole body after bathing for many affectionate cuddles … and to restore the right hydration.
Easily spread and rapidly absorbed without being greasy.