Linea Bimbi Softening Pretective Oil 100ml

Linea Bimbi Softening Pretective Oil 100ml

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Ideal for massaging new-born's  body

It is ideal for massaging a new-born’s body: perfect for moments of cuddles, well-being and great intimacy between the mother and her baby.

This blend of vegetable oils, similar to the skin’s lipid structure, dissolves and delicately removes skin secretions without damaging the skin. It is especially useful in the nappy area, where constant wetness can often cause nappy rash.

The product has a high skin affinity texture and leaves a long-lasting protective layer that respects the physiology of the skin.

How to use?

Apply on a wad of cotton.
Does not need rinsing.
The use of this Oil is specifically aimed to clean the scalp and to remove scabs (cradle cap) that can form on a new-born’s head.