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Physiomer Hypertonic 135ml

Physiomer Hypertonic 135ml

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PHYSIOMER® Hypertonic relieves nasal congestion caused by a cold, an allergic rhinitis or a sinusitis. It reduces the severity and duration of cold/rhinitis related symptoms.

PHYSIOMER® Hypertonic can be used in combination with other decongestant such as oral antihistaminic. It is safe for long term use, up to 2 months. It does not interfere with the natural function of the nasal mucosa.

Thanks to PHYSIOMER® Hypertonic, breathe freely, naturally.

  • 100% seawater: thanks to a specific production process, PHYSIOMER® Hypertonic formula preserves the richness of minerals of seawater.
  • PHYSIOMER® Hypertonic formula is a natural alternative to medicated decongestants. The decongestant action has been clinically proven in case of acute and chronic rhinitis.
  • PHYSIOMER® Hypertonic formula contribute to reduce the concommitant use of medicines.
  • Ingenious packaging: PHYSIOMER® bottle is unique, with a diffusion system without propellant gas allowing a continuous soft flow, unbreakable and can be used in all positions for more usage comfort.
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