PowerHealth Magnesium 300mg with Vitamin B6

PowerHealth Magnesium 300mg with Vitamin B6

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Natural magnesium supplement, ideal for stress and muscle stress. It is beneficial for muscle cramps and period pains. It is absorbed immediately and has a wonderful lemon flavor.

The role of Magnesium in the body:

  • Reduces nervousness and anxiety
  • Protects against cramps and muscle aches
  • It is a neurotransmitter
  • Helps absorb calcium
  • It is a coenzyme of cellular respiration and metabolism

An activator of 300 enzymes that helps:

  • In osteoporosis - In premenstrual syndrome
  • In the pains of the period
  • In children's hyperactivity
  • In cramps
  • In muscle relaxation
  • In insomnia
  • In stress and anxiety
  • In arrhythmia
  • In the memory
  • In heart disease

Usage / Tips:

Adults: Take 1 tablet a day, dissolved in a glass of water, preferably before meals, as a dietary supplement.

Diabetics: Suitable for diabetics

Pregnancy / Breastfeeding: Do not take any medication during pregnancy and lactation, unless recommended by your doctor.