PureBorn Organic Chamomile Baby Wipes Travel Pack (8 packs X 10's travel pack)

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PureBorn Pure wet wipes are ideal for cleaning your baby’s sensitive skin. They are carefully formulated to protect the environment and children’s sensitive skin.

Our Pure wet wipes are made with Organic Chamomile extract to sooth, heal and naturally moisturize the skin.

Features: SAFE ON SENSITIVE SKIN- Pure Born use carefully chosen safe ingredients to create a gentle, hypoallergenic formulation which is safe on baby’s sensitive skin.

pH BALANCE: Pure Born Pure wipes are designed to balance skin's natural pH

VEGAN: Our wipes are free from any ingredient of animal origin and we never encourage testing on animals.  


✖️ Paraben

✖️ Heavy metals

✖️ MIT

✖️ Alcohol

Ingredients: 98.8% Water + Organic Chamomilla Recutita + food-grade preservative