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Sinomarin Babies Hypertonic

Sinomarin Babies Hypertonic

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Sinomarin Babies is a unique, 100% natural hypertonic sea water solution that relieves nasal congestion effectively, helping your little one breathe easily in a natural way. It helps thin nasal mucus making it easier to eliminate while cleansing the nasal cavities helping protect from nasal and further upper respiratory infections and complications. Sinomarin® Babies is ideal for babies, both for regular nasal hygiene and congestion relief.

Sinomarin® Babies can also be used in a nebulized form to help enhance respiratory function, in cases of acute bronchiolitis.

Use in cases of
  • Rhinitis (e.g. common cold; flu)
  • Sinusitis
  • Acute bronchiolitis (in nebulized form)
  • Regular nasal hygiene & care
  • Nasal hydration

Suitable for 

  • Newborn infants, babies and toddlers
  • For nasal & nebulizing use
    The package contains 18 single use vials x5ml
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