Uriage - Bariesun Mat Fluid SPF50+ (For Face), 50ml

Uriage - Bariesun Mat Fluid SPF50+ (For Face), 50ml

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Specially developed for combination to oily skin, this matifying fluid provides very high protection against UVA and UVB rays and free radicals. Its light formula guarantees a no-shine effect, fast absorption and continuous hydration.

Very high UVA/UVB protection thanks to an ultra-high performance filter complex.

It produces a long-lasting matifying effect thanks to licorice extract, with sebo-regulatory action.

Extremely hydrating, it contains active ingredients that limit dry skin.

Usage / Tips:

Before exposure, apply a dose that is sufficient to ensure adequate cover of the exposed area, for example the equivalent of a tea spoon of product for face and neck. Reducing this amount reduces the level of protection. Renew the application frequently, especially after perspiring, swimming, or towel-drying. Even with adequate protection, keep exposure to a minimum. Do not expose babies and young children to direct sunlight.