Youth Lab - CC Complete Cream for Eyes, 15ml

Youth Lab - CC Complete Cream for Eyes, 15ml

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Rejuvenating eye cream with color, for all skin types

CC Complete Cream for Eyes is a pigmented new-technology eye cream that offers youthful and healthy look with just one move! It ensures hydration and elasticity of the eye area and reduces "crow's feet". It provides natural coverage and glowing natural look while signs of fatigue disappear! The best part? It visibly reduces dark circles up to 52% in just 60 days!*

Also suitable for men with dark circles as it reduces and covers them, offering a natural look.

Tip: Use CC Complete Cream for Eyes with / or instead of a concealer.

* Research conducted by the University of Athens in a sample of 21 women. 7 out of 10 women experienced a 52% reduction of dark circles in 60 days! 

Metabolic function enhancement
The ratio expression of the epidermis barrier markers is stimulated and the process of cell diversity is re-triggered aiming to smooth fine lines of crow’s feet and to restore minor inflammations which create dark circles.


• Fine lines & wrinkles
• Crow’s feet
• Dark circles & puffiness
• Sagging skin
• Lack of firmness
• Dehydrated skin
• Dryness

Active Ingredients
• Newest Technology Hexapeptide aims to restore skin tissue cohesion and inflamm-aging.
• High molecular weight Alginate forms an invisible protection shield, while enriched sea water instantly
tones the fatigued look, diminishes puffiness and smooths “crow’s feet”.
• Natural Stem Cells and Trimethyl Glycine “fill” wrinkles and offer in-depth hydration
• Squalene and Abyssinian Oil strengthen skin tissue’s tone, cohesion and density, restructure skin’s natural barrier and limit percutaneous water loss.

Usage / Tips:

For daily use, day or night, gently pat a small amount on the eye area on clean skin. Can be used with / or instead of a concealer.