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Youth Lab

Youth Lab - Check Matte Compact Case 12 ml

Youth Lab - Check Matte Compact Case 12 ml

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NEW lightweight translucent, liquid formula that absorbs sebum, gives matte finish while improving the look of dilapidated pores & sets up makeup
An innovative skincare product with multiple benefits that exceeds the function of blotting papers or primers: further than controlling greasiness, it simultaneously cleanses and detoxifies skin, minimizes the appearance of pores and provides moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant action!

It instantly refreshes and perfects face, without smearing when applied over makeup, providing unique softness to skin.

This lightweight translucent, liquid-to-powder formula instantly mattifies & provides a velvety sensation on skin. Its colourless formula & its distinctive perfume, make it suitable for men too! 

The package contains a liquid-to-powder formula in an on-the-go cushion compact case with an antimicrobial applicator (sponge) that is ideal for hydrating and refreshing the skin, without disturbing make up. 

CHECK-MATTE Refiller  is also available in a 12ml tube, so as to refill the compact case.

Dermatologically tested. Parabens and gluten free. Non-comedogenic.

Metabolic function enhancement
Regulation of sebum secretion & keratolytic action

• Oily or prone to acne skin
• Combination skin – with oily cheeks and T-zone
• Excess oil & occasional breakouts
• Enlarged & Clogged pores
• Hyperkeratosis

Can be used
• All skin tones 
• To replace primers / blotting papers 
• To refresh makeup, touch up throughout the day, or on bare skin for a natural, matte look
• By men, with greasy matters since its composition is translucent
• By women with premenstrual syndrome (PMS) & menopause symptoms (excessive sweating - oily skin / acne flare-ups)

Active Ingredients: 
• Montmorillonite Clay, a natural source of minerals with strong detoxifying action and very high ability to absorb pollutants & skin toxins
• Silica (or Silicon Dioxide), is a natural compound of silicon and oxygen,found mostly in the sand. It is used to further contribute with its sebum absorption to a flawless skin
• Salicylic Acid, known for its excellent keratolytic, fysogrolytic and anti-inflammatory action. Particularly effective in oily or acne prone skins because unlike AHA's, it can penetrate into the pores, cleanse them and reduce the black or white spots
• Vitamin Ε for antioxidant action and restoration of skin elasticity

Usage / Tips:

After thoroughly cleansing your face, gently press the sponge into the built-in cushion of CHECK-MATTE compact case and then pat onto any oily zones on face

Repeat the process when you see fit, even over makeup, as it doesn't disturb its stability.

Refill of compact case:
To refill the content of the CHECK-MATTE compact case, lift the embedded cushion and fill with the CHECK-MATTE Refiller fluid, until the base surface is covered.

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