Youth Lab - Sun & After Sun Value Set (All Skin Types)

Youth Lab - Sun & After Sun Value Set (All Skin Types)

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Complete sun & after sun care and protection, for face & body in a fancy neon yellow pouch!

Specifically, the set includes:


  • Daily Sunscreen Cream SPF 50 - Non tinted / 50ml. An oil-free, sun protecting face cream with high antioxidant, anti-inflammatory & protective effect for all skin types. It protects against UVA, UVB, IR radiation and premature ageing & dark spots as well. It hydrates deeply while restoring skin’s elasticity.
  • Body Guard SPF 30 / 200ml. A water resistant sunscreen spray for face and body with high antioxidant & protective effect for all skin types. A non-greasy and fast absorbing formula that provides high protection against UVA & UVB rays while improving the skin’s moisture levels and defense, preventing premature aging and spots.




  • Tan & After Sun / 150ml. A cream gel with “cooling effect” that enhances and prolongs natural tan, repairs, and soothes irritations, offering more radiant and hydrated skin. A quick acting product for face and body, instantly addressing irritation and redness, while natural tan gains depth and duration. Suitable for all skin types, face and body.
  • A transparent neon yellow pouch.


All products are dermatologically tested. Parabens, gluten and cruelty free. Suitable for vegans.


• Photo-aging
• Sensitive / dehydrated skin
• Water sports
• Sustained sun exposure

Active Ingredients

It is instantly absorbed without leaving grease and white residue. Non-comedogenic.


Active Ingredients Body Guard SPF 30

  • Liquid Crystals Technology, enables faster and deeper penetration of active ingredients and even application of the product.
  • Vitamin Ε for antioxidant action and restoration of skin elasticity.
  • UVΑ & UVB filters, natural filters for sun protection.

It is instantly absorbed without leaving grease and white residue.

Active Ingredients Tan & After Sun

  • Repairing – with Bifurcaria seaweed extract that eliminates the consequences of free radicals, created by sun exposure.
  • Natural Tan Enhancement - thanks to Acetyl Tyrosine which imitates the behavior of melanin, skin’s natural pigment.
  • Soothing achieved with Allantoin and Epilobium extract, providing skin with instant relief.
  • Hydrating / Nourishing with Aloe juice and a biomimetic oil complex mostly composed of Macadamia Oil, to restore skin’s lost lipids and transdermal water loss.
  • Cooling thanks to Aloe juice.

Ιt is instantly absorbed, leaving skin refreshed and relieved, with a pleasant fruity and flowery scent.

Non comedogenic. Free from alcohol and paraffin oil.