Youth Lab - Wrinkles Erasure Cream For Eyes 15ml

Youth Lab - Wrinkles Erasure Cream For Eyes 15ml

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Anti-wrinkle eye cream, against dark circles and fatigue, for all skin types

Wrinkles Erasure Cream for Eyes is a rich cream formulated specifically for the delicate eye area. It reduces the appearance of "crow's feet", soothes fine lines and wrinkles due to the composition in New Technology Hexapeptide (Receptor Uphold against BioAging), Stem Cells plant extract and bio-mimetic Amino Acids "fill" wrinkles and instantly moisturize the area. It reconstructs the natural skin barrier protection and improves the microcirculation and lymphatic circulation of the lower eyelid disappearing dark circles and puffiness. The Squalene, Vitamin E and Abyssinian oil extract restore the skin’s elasticity and secure its moisture.
A non-greasy formula suitable for all skin types.

Dermatologically tested. Parabens and gluten free. Non-comedogenic.

Metabolic function enhancement
Restructuring skin barrier function, increasing blood and lymph circulation of the under eye area.

• Fine lines and wrinkles 
• Sagging skin
• Lack of firmness
• Dehydrated skin
• Dryness
• Crow’s feet
• Dark cycles & puffiness

Active Ingredients
• New Technology Hexapeptide (Receptor Uphold against Bio–Αging) reduces the appearance of fine lines
and crow’s feet and restores skin’s integrity
• Hyaluronic Acid and Trimethyl Glycine "plump" expression wrinkles and hydrate the skin
• Squalene and Abyssinian Oil Extract enhance tone, consistency and density of skin tissue restoring elasticity and rebuild and restore skin’s barrier function minimizing transepidermal water loss
• Vitamin Ε for antioxidant action and restoration of skin elasticity
• Epigallocatechin and Gloukosites reduce puffiness and improve dark circles


Usage / Tips:

Daily, after cleansing, gently pat a small amount onto the brow bone and beneath the eye

Caution: Do not use alcohol or other harsh detergent. Avoid contact with eyes.