ZanzHelan Roll-On Gel 50ml

ZanzHelan Roll-On Gel 50ml

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The formula of this characteristic GEL is alcohol and ammonia-free specifically against the most common kinds of mosquitoes, effective day and night.
Enriched with
- essential oils of Citronella and Melissa
- Crabwood and Neem oils which, due to the high amounts of furanterpenoids they contain, are able to keep hematophagous insects away, especially mosquitoes by removing their impulse to bite and suck blood the first oil and by inhibiting their growth the second
- especially emollient and moisturizing active ingredients, as Aloe vera gel and extracts of Marigold flowers and Camomile heads, effective in relieving the itching and soothing the irritation caused by mosquito bites.
This formula offers utmost delicate, agreeable protection even to the most sensitive skin, such as children’s skin.
Pleasant to use, leaves skin feeling fresh and moisturized.


Usage / Tips:

The roll-on allows the product to be spread evenly and easily until complete absorption on all body parts to be protected.
Re-apply frequently.

Suitable For:

  • Children
  • Women
  • Men