Apivita Greek Mountain Tea Face Water 100ml

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97% Natural Origin

Greek mountain tea infused water to moisturize and protect the skin against premature aging.

  • Protects against anti-oxidants and enhances the skin's ability to defend itself against external triggers of oxidative stress (UV radiation, environmental pollution).
  • Rejuvenates and tones skin.
  • Soothes and offers a sensation of freshness

Greek Mountain Tea Infused Face Water from APIVITA organic crops on Mt Olympus, rejuvenates, protects from oxidative stress and keeps skin healthy.


Usage / Tips:

Spray directly on the skin from a 30 cm distance:

  • Before make-up or after removing make-up for skin revitalization.
  • Before and during sun exposure for antioxidant and photoprotective effect, before using sunscreen.
  • After sun exposure for freshness, rejuvenation and recovery from damage caused by solar radiation.
  • During the day for rejuvenation and freshness.
  • On face and body after shower or physical activity.