Apivita Rescue Hair Oil 100ml

Apivita Rescue Hair Oil 100ml

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99% Natural Origin

Nourishes Hair and Repair Damages - Prevents breakage and split ends - Protects Hair from heat treatment

An effective natural formula made of fine herbal oils to restore your hair's bounce and shine. A valuable repair and reconstruction treatment for the hair. Absorbs immediately leaving no traces of oiliness.

  • Repairs hair damage.
  • Leaves hair shiny and vivid.
  • Prevents breaking and split ends.
  • Protects hair from heat treatments (blow drying, etc.)
  • Leaves hair smooth, healthy and shiny with a pleasant scent.


Usage / Tips:

Put a small amount on your palms, rub your hands together gently and apply on hair lengthwise, especially on the ends. Does not require rinsing.

APIVITA advice

Include it in your hair care routine for optimum results:

  1. Use it before shampooing for intensive nourishment, leaving it on for 10-30 minutes.
  2. On damp hair before drying or styling for protection.
  3. After combing for discipline and shine.