Linea Bimbi Intimate Cleanser 125ml

Linea Bimbi Intimate Cleanser 125ml

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Specific for baby girl's hygienic needs

HELAN Intimate Cleanser is the most recent answer. Dedicated especially to a growing baby girl’s need slight cleansing action to respect genital mucosa: cleanses gently the areas prone to reddening, preventing itching and burning.
Enriched with softening and soothing Aloe vera juice, anti-reddening Camomile flowers essential oil and softening Apricot oil, this Intimate Cleanser allows for easy use while fully respecting the skin’s delicate structure.

How to use?

Pour a small amount on a sponge or the hands and wash the area. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Pat dry dabbing with a soft towel. Do not rub. It is ideal for frequent use thanks to its ultra delicate action.Does not irritate or cause burning.