Linea Bimbi Soothing Red-Relief Paste 50ml

Linea Bimbi Soothing Red-Relief Paste 50ml

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Enriched with softening, lubricating, protective properties, specific for irritated and sensitive skin

This formula was specifically realized to prevent and counteract the causes of rash and irritation in the delicate nappy area.

It contains Panthenol, Zinc oxide, Marigold and Camomile flowers extractss with their soothing, regenerative properties and is enriched with softening, lubricating, protective protective organic sweet Almond oil and Beeswax as well as comforting Vitamin E.

How to use?

After cleansing the area thoroughly with HELAN’s Bio Wet-wipes or some cotton imbued with Emollient Oil, apply a generous layer of Soothing Red-Relief Paste to the skin without massaging or rubbing. Easy to apply and remove.
Do not use water if the nappy rash is severe.